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  Visit to: Mount Dajt - Durres City

Mount Dajt (Albanian: Mali i Dajtit) is a mountain in central Albania, to the east of Tirana. Its highest peak is at 1,613 m (5,292 ft). In winter, the mountain is often covered with snow, and it is a popular retreat to the local population of Tirana that rarely sees snow falls. Its slopes have forests of pines, oak and beech. Dajti Mountain declared “National Park” is today an area of about 3333 ha. Dajti Ekspres is the first construction  of its art in our Country and a unique work, not only from the fact that is the first investment in the field of mountain tourism , recreation and nature protection, but also for the fact that,  as a skyline  for passengers , it has its specific features.“Dajti Ekspres” is 4670 m long, has a difference in level 812 m and an average inclination 19 %.   



Durrës is the second largest city of Albania located on the central Albanian coast, about 33 km (21 mi) west of the capital Tirana. It is one of the most ancient and economically significant cities of Albania.Durrës is situated at one of the narrower points of the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Italian ports of Bari (300 km or 186 mi away) and Brindisi (200 km or 124 mi away). Durrës is home to Albania's main port, the Port of Durrës, and to the newest public university, the Aleksandër Moisiu University. It has a population of 115,550, while the metropolitan area has a population of 265,330. 


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